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We encourage bloggers to write about Korean or Asian influenced skincare, trends, tips and regimens. Feel free to contact us at any time.

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We’re looking for bloggers, influencers and writers who are looking to talk about beauty and skincare heavily influenced by Asian culture and companies. Our blog features product reviews, tutorials, personal notes and anything related to beauty and skin care, whether that is from Korea, China, Japan or any other Asian influence.

We’re always looking for talented writers and gladly accept guest posts from bloggers. If you are interested to write for LIQUIVAI.com, please follow the guidelines below.

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  4. Attachment of images are optional. However, if you attach images, you MUST include the source. 

Send your topic ideas at [email protected] with few tentative titles and list of your previously published guest posts (not mandatory, but it will increase your change of getting approval).

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