Secret Programming Eye Cream Anti-Wrinkle, Elastic, Eye Care

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KOREAN COSMETICS, LG Household & Health Care_ SUM37, Secret Programming Eye Cream 20ml (anti-wrinkle, elastic, Eye Care) [001KR] Natural fermentation ingredients to make stronger the skin across the eyes. From pushing into the skin, as the skin’s elasticity by strengthening the child care cream gives radiance and elasticity to the skin across the eyes. SU: M37 ¢ª Cosmetics skin breathe to live a high-performance natural fermentation SU: M37  long time, natural living, breathing life energy to reinforce the vitality of the human skin moisturizes haejugo clear. Does not get the truly valuable thing soon. Natural fermentation to bring a remarkable change within the skin as the original energy of the living, breathing life cosmetics SU: M37. Despite the fact that a difficult process, and minimize the chemical re-requires a very long time, nevertheless it helps to cleanse the skin clear and transparent to revive the vitality of the skin, they are able to not get into the technology of human yeast.